Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the JVCL?
 Where can I get it?
 How is the JVCL licensed?
 How can I contribute?
 Required Package 'Inet' Not Found
 In D7, when I press F1, I am not getting JVCL help information
 When I try to compile my apps, I get an error message "line is too long (>1023 chars)"
 I'm getting an error ("Cannot load package JvNet. It contains zlib.pas which is also in package YYYY") when I try to install the JvNet package.
 "The procedure entry point SHGetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in XXX".
 How do I dock a form at design-time with the JvDocking components?
 How do I change the docking style at runtime?
 Cannot load JvMM. It contains VFW.pas which is also contained in GLSCENE.
 Unit zlib/zlibconst implicitly imported into JvCrypt
 Why doesn't JvDotNetFilenameEdit and JvDotNetDirectoryEdit have a palette icon?
 After installing JVCL, my palette icons are corrupted.
 Will JVCL continue to support and develop RXLib?
 C++ Builder: Why isn't anything updated when I use the '<<' or '>>' operator on a Set property (Font.Style, JvWizard.EnabledButtons...)