Following is a list of all people that donated, or gave permission to use, their code in the JEDI VCL, who spent their time reporting and working to resolve significant bugs, who donated their writing skills and many other things. This page is an attempt to acknowledge those people and show them our appreciation.


Code/component donors

Michael Beck, Peter Below, Marcel Bestebroer, Marcel van Brakel, Sebastien Buysse, Chiang Seng Chang, Andrey Chudin, Jim Cooper, Marc Hoffman, Christopher Latta, Serge Korolev, Fedor Koshevnikov, John Kozikopoulos, Maciej Kaczkowski, Frédéric Leneuf-Magaud, Robert Marquardt, Florent Ouchet, Igor Pavluk, Serhiy Perevoznyk, David Polberger, Andrey Prygounkov, Lionel Reynaud, Michael Rynn, Alexander Samusenko, Olivier Sannier, Rob Schoenaker, Fernando Silva, Pasha Sivtsov, Anthony Steele, Ralf Steinhaeusser, Eko Subagio, Tim Sullivan, Peter Thörnqvist, Rudy Velthuis, Jan Verhoeven, Christian Vogt, Petr Vones, Frenk Vrtariè, William Yu Wei, Lu Xioban


Other contributions and help

Alec Bergamini, Helen Borrie, Pavel Císar, Gustavo Daud, Rodney Delanty, Alex Denissov, Oliver George, Yakup Gezdirici, Ralf Grenzing, Matt Hamilton, Shiv Kumar, Mike Lischke, Allan G. Lloyd, Robert Love, Anders Melander, Alan C. Moore, Peter Morris, Francois Piette, Hagen Reddmann, Uwe Rupprecht, Andreas Schmidt, Phil Shrimpton, Oleg Sych, Matthias Thoma, Danny Thorpe


Special thanks

Special thanks to the following people for their dedicated help in various situations and for opportunity to use their tools:



If your name is missing from the list and you think you should be included, let us know.