The JVCL is built by the community, but more importantly, for the community. Therefore we would like to hear from you. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions we would appreciate it if you would drop us a note. There are several ways to get in contact with us.
Note that we also like to hear about you if everything is fine, as this will let us know that what we do is appreciated.



The newsgroups are the most active forums for discussing the JVCL (and other JEDI related topics) and is also the place where the JVCL developers hang out. The JVCL specific group is called jedi.vcl, but you are recommended to also subscribe to at least jedi.general, jedi.jcl and jedi.binaries.


Newsgroup server






Web gateway

If you can't access the newsgroups directly (because of firewalls or company policy), there is also a web gateway to the newsgroups.


Mailing lists

We also have a couple of mailing lists on Yahoo, but the activity is very low:




Bug tracker

The bug tracker can be used to provide feedback, suggest improvements or donate code as well as reporting bugs:


Login to report a bug

If you do not have a login, please register now, it's quick and will allow you to receive email updates when the bug you posted gets through the resolution process.


Contacting individual developers

We do not encourage direct contact with team members unless you have specific reason to. Please use the above forums as much as possible.


If you still think you need to contact a developer, you can find the e-mails of all JVCL developer at the sourceforge members page.